The simple things

I was reading a magazine the other day called the simple things, well dipping in and out as looking after a two years old is not conducive to reading anything longer than a paragraph! I picked it up from the back cover and there there was a list of simple pleasures. That made me think. What were mine? So I started my own list. The thing is between thinking about the items on that list and getting to grip with making good use of Pinterest as a research tools, I started having images in my mind matching my list and one was biting into a fresh baguette. You can guess the image that went with that! The thing is that I could not only see an image, but smell it, feel the sunshine outside the bakery and this triggered memories. As a designer, anything can touch my senses and trigger an idea. This is not a nine till five job but something that will spring ideas on you whether you have just switched the light off to sleep or are standing in the shower. Where did I leave that pen and paper?! Damn… You just have to hope that you remember that idea until you can grab  pen and paper.

So back to the simple things… Everyone’s pleasures are as different as we are different. So what is my list?

A fresh baguette

Rummage through ribbons and lace

Taste blackberry jam

Wear fluffy stocks

Blow a dandelion

Give a hug

Get a hug

Hot chocolate by the fire

Surfing the net for inspiring pictures

Read a good book

Receive a hand written letter

Try a new craft technique

All these simple things and many others are what makes use stop and enjoy the moment, get an idea or be happy so that we can put this in our work later. I reckon my list could grow real big. What about yours? What is on it?



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