Have a plan… and be ready to change it!

Our plan was very simple: simplify our life. So we upped suitcases and the contents of our house and bought a project with commercial space and no garden! One thing you need about our house is vision and somehow, this place was crying out for tlc (tender loving care) and it was big. By big I mean really big. One of the surveyors called it the bowling alley!! In the past the building was extending on every single blade of grass available hence the no garden situation.

So why did we buy it? Because it was within our budget and because it was big. My partner always says that, with the amount of stuff we have, we can’t move into a normal house and Cornwall maybe pretty, houses there are small and expensive. Big and cheap is a thing of the past!

So we moved into the “flat above” for a couple of year whilst we put roots down here, had a baby and made plans. The planning permission sorted, getting the funding was tricky because of the commercial space downstairs. Even though we were granted the change of use, until it was in place, a lot of lenders would not touch it. So with the current lending climate and our “unusual” building, we moved out ready for the work to start… A long story I won’t go into here and a broker that made our life hell for 5 months, we had to have a re-think and made the change of a use a reality to access funding. After that, the work started, 4 months later than scheduled.

Where are we now? The whole lot has been gutted re-wired and re-plumbed first fix. We demolished the back to get a small garden and all the partitioning is in place! We can see the rooms! How exciting! The middle bedroom will be the art studio. I can’t wait… but this is still some way to go.

The downstairs will stay a very long and slim space which is calling out for contemporary design. All open plan, it will also be a great space for our wedding next year but more on that later.

So to keep sane (we have just been told it is going to be late us moving back in too), I am now creating lots of boards on Pinterest to inspire me and keep tracks of goodies I find out there. I also have many books and magazines to peruse through too. Like most projects, this one will cost more than planned so decoration will have to be creative and cheap. I am planning so many projects and many will mean pushing me forward as I will try new techniques, re-use some I haven’t used for sometime and experiment. They may not all work but I reckon it will be fun.

Have you ever been through a renovation project? What was the biggest challenge? Did you use it as a design opportunity? Let me know…

Photo below: our new home soon. Yep one day it will all be pretty!Image


2 thoughts on “Have a plan… and be ready to change it!

  1. Wow, so motivating cos I’m planning on starting a art studio too,still raising funds for the materials.
    Reading this got me on the move

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