Life in storage

When we moved into this rented house, I packed for the 6 months we were supposed to complete the work on our house. Yep you guessed we are now 10 this later and we are still 2 months if not a bit more before we move back in. I would not mind so much if this was the third time in the last 4 years because we relocated, moved in temporary accommodation, then bought a project, moved in and moved out for the work to be done. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the fact of moving or having to wait (saying that, waiting is not my strong point!!), it is more the fact that most of my tools and bits & pieces  are in neatly labelled boxes, piled up in corners so I can keep an eyes on them and use if emergency. The thing is, I have nowhere to put the stuff in them as each corner is full to the rafters, See this is a common things for all creative (for all the ones I know anyway), we collect stuff. We make space when we have run out. We create piles that are ready to collapse to the desperation of our partners I have to say… So how did I cope? well, I used different techniques. For a few months and projects, I turned to sewing rather than scrapbooking for example. I also collected new books and gathered inspiration for our new house and our wedding next year. Did I mention I also have a two and half year old at home? That’s me all over, can’t do just one project. So the last few weeks I threw myself wholeheartedly into creating boards onto Pinterest for each of my interest. May I say thank you here to everyone that has contributed in keeping me sane by providing me inspiration and so many pretty things to look at?

One of the interesting I have discovered is that many designers use Pinterest boards to gather inspiration like I have just done. See, before it used to all be on my computer. Then, my laptop ceased up, bursting at the seams. Now I have a shiny new (purple) one, I am finding new ways of keeping it tidy and collect inspiration virtually. The greatest advantage, apart from not taking valuable space on my hard drive, is that all the links and URLs are kept intact for further reference. How cool is that? So no long now I hope into what will be a dream house as it will host an art studio for me and my partner. Not sure how the sharing will happen yet… I will try not to take all the space… ;)

Have you been through something similar or something else disrupting your creativity? Come and share your experience as I am sure other mums will enjoy hearing about it and get tips along the way. If nothing else, they will know that they are not alone out there…

as/3687374116/">Gustavo Minas</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

photo credit:

This is the first time I am using outside content and crediting a picture. I hope I have done it ok!


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