Beyond the need to communicate about what I do and generate an income from it, I have been wondering how I can communicate about the person I am now.

See, I used to have a very polished writing style (corrected grammatically by my long suffering partner!) because I had to. I had to project a certain image and that came with certain pressures. At the time, creating a blog about the whole design process and the creation of a creative business is not something I could have shared online. Check it out so you can see for yourself:

But this was then and this is now. Today I have come across a blog that got me really excited. ( Why? Because it used communication and turned it on it’s head, coming from a different angle. There is a lot out there on how to communicate, many experts, articles, blogs… I find though a lot is samey and lacking of excitement.

Now, without enthusiasm and passion, how can you tell people about your designs? eh? This is the usual “fit in a box and put a label on it” and I am not good at fitting into boxes! That’s it, I said it!

So now I have found this exciting new way of writing, I will disappear to do my homework, and hopefully, come back in a few hours or days with the result. In the meantime, please share your tips on useful links so that we can look forward to some great communication. Come on, you know you want to… :)


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