Love letter

Further to the post com-mu-ni-ca-te below I have done my homework and have written this. This is the first time I let myself flow with the words about what I do and I love it! This will be part of my communication about my artwork and I hope the level of emotion is right. Drop in and let me know what you think. Feel free to visit Alexandra Franzen’s site(see link in previous blog)  to write your own (and if you do, blog it and let me know, this could be fun :))

Anyway here goes…

I want to live in a world where objects have a story, where memories become heirlooms, where happiness is captured to be enjoyed again and again …

I am so tired of mass produced, “made in china” goods that feels like stuff. So interchangeable, no essence, no meaning.

I want you to have these beautiful handmade moments in time, built on emotions and dreams that lift your mind each time you see them. I want your children to grow up with frames that they will cherish as time goes by because their childhood will never be forgotten. I want the preparation of your wedding to be treasured as much as the big day itself. (Add to my list, there is no limits, only the sky and inspiration!)

So I’ve created a range of frames that will grow in time. I have let myself be inspired by beautiful photographs or spoken memories and crafted unique storyboards for each. I have collected objects, words and layers. I have added stitches and tiny details that make each and every one hand made.

Right now, I want you to sit back with a nice hot chocolate and enjoy the journey through my images. Enjoy the words too as these are most likely to take you onto your very own journey and maybe, just maybe look at a special picture that you love but have never done anything with. Take your time and write about why it is so special to you, what it reminds you of. Close your eyes and go back in time, in what made that moment special. 

It all begins with dreaming or thinking back. Look through old photographs or some of the picture now sleeping in the memory of your computer. It all begins with a special person, a special occasion or gift you want to make. Or maybe you want to treat yourself… And then, if you feel like sharing, let me help you in making it happen.

With smiles as always, Gaelle by the sea

PS: Many people say they are not creative but they are my key to creativity and I draw my inspiration from them. Their words will unlock an idea or a style. They are part of the artwork without always knowing.


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