Climbing mountains

Sometimes the size of the task ahead is overwhelming, just too big, too much, and where do I start? In between the up days when I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm to spare, there are the not so up days when it feel much more hard work. I guess this is the bit when a good friend will kick me in the butt and say just get on with it!

So I have made a plan, a to do list (actually more than one!) and inspiration boards. Surely I am must be getting somewhere, no? If it was that simple.

Ok, Now, I have to break it now in breathable spaces, eatable chunks, manageable mole hills to climb rather than mountains. I have to get some music playing really loud that I really love. Someone said to me a long time ago to do a tape (yes just by saying tape you know it was a long time ago! but you know what I mean), CD, Mp3, itunes playlist, whatever rocks your ears these days, with stuff that makes you want to jump start. Songs that fill you with energy and motivation. Songs that you can’t help sing along to. Songs that you make you want to sing, dance, smile. When days are grey, cold and not warm yet, you need that boost and start on a small mole hill. No doubt if you are like me, you will get distracted or even inspired but that’s good stuff. Sometimes you don’t know when you start something where that journey leads and the magic is not to know where you will end up. Life is a journey, not a destination!

So I am off to give it a start and see where it leads me and who I meet on this journey…


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