Tonight we are going to change the world

Tonight I am meeting with a friend and the plan is to settle with a glass of wine and talk about creative stuff. At the end of the month we are both starting a 16 weeks course for start up businesses. So with our creative juices at the ready, we will change the world or like my partner call it a plan for world domination!!!  Oh yes and he will remind me that whatever I come up with, he is still waiting for me to make my first million!

We have met before but usually we have our kiddies with us, one of mine and two of hers and the conversation tends to be broken up between “mummy I want…” or small disasters, minor scratches and spilt food on the carpet!

The course will be the same. Even though we have been given access to the contents online, I look forward to meeting new people and take the time to focus on my work and plans. So far I have lists of prices, collections of images for inspiration and ideas. Now the big thing is… to get started. of yeah and I have just created a business page on Facebook. I guess you can say I have started. Not quite though as the actual making part of the plan is still in my head and I need to extract it with as less pain as possible!

As I am writing this, our application for the windows with the planning department has been accepted (hooray!) so we can orders them and get them ordered. Moving back into our home and getting the art studio organised has suddenly made a giant leap forward! :)))) Together with the fact I have convinced our builder to do a reclaimed staircase instead of a boring normal one, I have now signed myself up for a few hours of sanding, painting and distressing. How bad can it be??!


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