Don’t like cold tea…

… not to confuse with iced tea!

Completely my fault. I keep letting my tea going cold. First it is too hot to drink. Then what seems the next minute it is almost cold. This has to stop!

This is leading me very nicely in tackling the root of it: procrastination. What a horrible word and not a nice feeling too. I think it is quite common but I find that being creative makes it worse and being a woman (so good at multi-tasking that it is almost counter-productive) just adds to it!

It is not new and one of my friend is as bad as me so I have decided to do something about it. I checked out a few blogs. I watched a couple of videos too and one kind of made sense. The gist of it is that we have a choice and very often we feel under pressure to do things. They pile up and we hide our head in the sand. If we release the pressure, we can tackle it in a better way. Hum, his video took 30 minutes so it is a bit more complicated than that (check out Stefan Molyneux on if you want to see it). However, I now feel that I may have found one way, my way to deal with it.

First, I am going to scrap my “to-do list”. It is so long that it is ridiculous and not helping.

Then, I am going to re-think why I do things. All that passion and pleasure instead of guilt and pressure.

Finally, I will just start doing things because I want to do them.

How does that sounds? Cool eh?!

Maybe life is not so complicated after all!


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