Organize professionally

Funny enough, I did have someone coming round my house years ago and did this process. It kind of helped but I ran out of funds before completion. Saying that, I put solutions in place. This time, I have to organize my whole house before moving back in it after being  remodelled. This time feels different. It is not because I have too but because I want to and I am making it fun.

This time, it is me and my stuff. I have spent hours and I really mean hours collecting images of attractive, pretty, quirky storage and organisation ideas. The main room will be the art studio because this is where I have lots of small bits but I have tons of stuff in the whole house so that applies to all areas.

So… what is it gonna be? well. I love baskets of all shapes and sizes, glass jars and shelves. I want it to look nice. And you know what? If it does and it works it stays tidy!

Last week, I spread out lots and lots of fabric on the table with my mum. It was everywhere! But it worked. A couple of hours later, I had gone through them, found ceramic buttons and old lace I have bought months ago but thought I’d lost. So all good, one step at a time and because I want it to work for the long-term, I am giving myself extra time and space to dream it. Then I might have images to show….

medium_6691068089So until I have my own pictures, here is a very pretty one.

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