Motherhood: a tricky business

My partner thinks that because I have looked after kids and have always had many around me that I should have all the answers. It does not work like that does it??!  So, when I don’t, he looks at me truly puzzled. Another thing I have found is that dealing with mums can also be a minefield. It is a bit like walking on eggs and there is nothing more personal than when there is a disagreement and our precious darlings are involved.

Then there is the shock of generations like I call it. Different methods and beliefs that differ with each person as much as each person is different. At the moment my mum is here with me to help out with my little one until I recover from an operation I have had last week. Then in two days my mother in law is taking over. I admit I am finding difficult when my mum’s way is much more controlling than mine and my little one has been crying more, entering in a power struggle. It is actually hard to keep the peace, take the help and discuss why you do things a certain ways. We have had regular short conversation and I think it will be better to agree to disagree on some things. I know it will be worse with my mother in law. I don’t want to sound ungrateful. It just shows how different we want to act very often from the model of education we received. I wonder what other mums out there think? One thing is sure though, love and care is universal and knows no boundaries of space or time.


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