Some people tackle one thing at a time.

Some people tackle one thing at a time. Not me! Even when I try, it simply does not happen that way.

See recently I have had an operation on my ankle (3rd time lucky) but it is also my fifth operation in the last 5 years. So on average one a year and each time I have had reduced mobility and help from my family to look after my little one. Not driving is so restricting but I won’t go into that. My mum has been terrific and it was great to see her for a while as I only see her about once a year due to living abroad.

My mother in law is here now for a few days and she insists in us booking the wedding so she can in turn book her bed & breakfast. Ok we have a date but we are unsure on how to set the day. Ideally we want a blessing on the beach and the rest of the reception in our house (currently in full renovation mode). We have a year to go so that plan was to discuss and set things in motion once the house is finished and we move back in. Hum… that would be too simple… house is late, moving back will be late and we are going to hit that phase where we have to make loads of decisions about the finishing touches, the kitchen, stuff we will have to live with. So my brain is whizzing round with thoughts of the bespoke distressed staircase that our builder has agreed to do but we have to finish, the miles of painting to do and many other things, the decoration, the pretty bits and ideas…. You can see where I am going with this don’t you? oh…. and tomorrow I am starting my business course!

I have started making compartments in my mind like my Pinterest boards, adding as I go along. It kind of works. To be honest, my brain never thinks in a straight line anyway so what is the point of making do something that goes against the grain? It is funny how somehow it works. My partner at the contrary is feeling overloaded despite not handling half of what I have in my head. So tomorrow, we are taking the rare chance to go out for dinner and relax for a couple of hours. No cooking, no TV, just us. That will be nice. Our family lives far away you see so childcare is either complicated, expensive or both so we end up not going out. This will be after my course so I will probably be buzzing with ideas and stuff. Can’t wait. so many possibilities… and the tiny window of opportunity to explore and think without boundaries before closing in and making decisions again. Time to enjoy the moment…


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