Raring to go

So last night I went to the info session about my business course. I was excited and raring to go. As sessions go, this one was good and was what I expecting… except when it unravelled 5 minutes from the end. You know, it is like unpicking one stitch and a whole line falls off. It was exactly like that. What we did not expect was to be told the course is not starting before mid-June. Silence, bums shuffling on chairs, I was not the only one disappointed and the only fellow there got quite irate. More unravelling… So forget all the efforts in arranging childcare, my partner changing his work hours with his boss for me to go, and a pending house move when we start. I will go then of course. It is just that I was so looking forward to it and most of our life is in limbo. The new windows for the house have not turned up as planned today and it will be next week now before the renovation can resume. We are dreading the time when we will be told we have to stay longer in rented accommodation, it is so expensive and we can’t afford it.

 Anyway, last night was one of these rare times when we could go out for a romantic dinner, just the two of us. Candles, smooth music and fantastic food at a restaurant called Saffron. Gosh, I have missed going out with him like that, holding hands and relaxing. We talked about the wedding to come, the house, well stuff… I was very mellow by the end of the evening. We went for a quick night cap in a cocktail place to finish off our evening. It felt like skipping school and responsibilities!


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