Cuddles all around

What a weekend this is turning out to be!

The biggest thing is my daughter potty training (bear with me on this one as this post is not all about that and there is some deeper learning from it). The other day I mentioned that book I heard about which would train her quickly and empower her whilst making the whole process more pleasant. We are on day 3 and cutting a long story short, I could not be prouder. My little one is glowing with self achievement with being such a big girl. Her dad is breathing with relief that it is working even though we are so tired. Emotionally it has been draining, a real roller-coaster of being completely immersed in the process and living it through her. Now, the bit I am especially proud (other than the obvious) is that I feel so good from having had the courage of my conviction. I believed that there was something out there that would be better for all of us. My daughter is rarely affectionate except when she is under the weather or ill. The last 3 days, we never had to give her so many cuddles! In fact, this is the word we have heard the most since we started! “mummy cuddle” “daddy cuddle”… cuddles all around!

This weekend is also a long weekend due to a bank holiday and an extra day tomorrow as a family. To pay for the renovation, Adrian has been working all hours and some weekends too which means time together is precious and rare. 4 weeks ago a friend of mine told me about a vintage craft fair. As usual when she mentioned it, my heart jumped and I could see myself there. But then reality kicked in because of my operation, not being able to drive for the two weeks leading to the event which was today and having family staying for three weeks. Well I had to be honest with myself, my head was (and still is) full of ideas but I had no stock, had all my bits and bobs in boxes still and was not even sure if the fair was worth it. So, if in doubt, go and visit and book the next one! So today, in a bright sunny day, we set off to Perranporth by the sea front and went to the fair. It was brilliant! I loved every minute of it and the quality there was amazing. I was so impressed about how prepared people were that I was sure waiting that the right decision. I still have images of the event tonight, floating in my head. I have to talk to my friend to have her feedback from actually being there rather than visiting and I look forward to that.

So this afternoon, still inspired, I played with air drying clay and texture and realised that one of the blocks I have to overcome is to get my hands dirty. Let me explain this. My arts and crafts have always been tidy and clean. Either by lack of money, materials or both, I started with drawing. I continued with graphic design and photography (mainly digital) and finally scrapbooking. Another friend of mine who a few years ago did an art degree has always been hands on, messy (in a good way) and daring. I was, on the opposite, a conceptual artist. Now I am not saying that this part of me is not there anymore. However, I know now I have missed out on the journey of discovery, the fun of trying things, having creative accidents and just doing it.

So tomorrow is a brand new shiny day. We are moving boxes. Eh?? Yes, all my stamps, brushes and millions of other small things are in boxes, probably at the very bottom of a big pile. I can’t wait another two months to move back in (and that is if there is no further delay!) and I can’t afford to buy them again. So tomorrow will probably feel like every year when I open the box of Xmas decorations…


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