When reality checks in…

It doesn’t matter whether you run the White House, re-design the world a piece at a time or even hope for world peace, f you have children, chances that you will still have to potty train them! Yep, that was my big plan for today. World domination can wait, I have to deal with my household first, then we’ll see!

So about a week ago I came across a book called “toilet training in less than a day”. I know what you are thinking, my own mum laughed at the idea, my mother in law was very dubious and someone else this week was openly baffled by the concept.

Now I ask you, moving on slightly from the subject in hand, in more general terms, what is wrong with trying something different? Why would you have to believe your closest and dearest that their way is the best, or  for that matter, that because something is common it has to be the best way? I don’t agree with people, never did and probably never will, because I have to. If I disagree, I just do. That’s called believing in your own ethics and stuff, making your own mistakes and working out a solution that fits you ad no one else. It is hard to be that way because conforming is simply not happening. I have been in trouble before but I am glad in a way that I have the courage of my convictions (except on down days). All I know if I shared more snuggles with my little one today, more skin to skin contact which is lovely (parents will know  what I am talking about) at a time when usual methods produce more tantrums and tears. I am going to stick with I believe in!

Tomorrow is another day but each day is a journey and we learn each time. Let me know if this post made you think “yes that’s me” or “I wish I could do that”. Whichever needs to be your way, just be open to other things out there, you never know which door they can open in you.


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