Time to simmer

A few months back our plumber offered to do us a bespoke contemporary bathroom unit. We had pictures of things we liked. We checked prices out and …. there is no way we could afford any of them. So plan B was to design one. Now, as I said, this was a long time ago and I have got rid of my list of things to do. It got me nowhere and made me feel bad. So I kept dropping more pictures for inspiration, loosely thinking about what I wanted. It has to be practical and look really unique as the rest of the bathroom deserves that.

… you know when time keeps ticking but nothing happens? that was what happened. Then today I looked at a towel and I “knew” what to do. Neatly folded towels on the left, wicker drawers on the right from a metal frame unit which will not fit anywhere and chunky wood around it. The stand alone curvy sink will be fitted through the top. I will show it to my dearest tonight and see if I got it right.

Why am I telling you this? Because it is the simmering process of creativity. Having a brief or need and let it flow until inspiration strikes, peruse pictures to crystallise your vision and write down/measure/makes notes when it happens. It is sometimes painful because unless you have a deadline close in time, it can feel like you will never get there. But the best ideas come that way. They are as unique as the ingredients you first put in but only come to life with a bit of magic. I will share a picture of this when it gets done I imagine sometime in June. In the meantime, drop by and let me know of some of your moments of magic…


This is the sink that is waiting very patiently in a box… until the furniture is ready…


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