Brand new and shiny

It has taken so long to get to the spring this year. Trees were shy of bursting into life, not trusting the weather. We collected wild garlic a few times and I know it will soon be gone but not before we try making pesto with it. We went for a drive this morning and the landscape has finally changed to that soft green, a green that will only last a short while until chlorophyll makes it darker and more settled. In a way, it feel that my creative process has taken time to come out of it’s shell too.

The design I made for our bathroom sink unit has been approved by my other half. I have started getting idea for curtains in my lounge. Am I mad to think about using blankets or throws instead of fabric to achieve a nautical and textured look? I haven’t quite convinced him yet it is a good idea but I am working on it. I have started taking more pictures and I am experimenting with clay and embossing textures.

I think I have also had a light bulb moment… you know when your mind goes on a wander and find something that feels quite magical. It seems that all these hours of gathering inspiration have mixed to create a lead, something that could make a unique strand to my work… just can’t tell you what it is yet. I know, I know, it’s not fair and all that. But if you were me, would you not want to keep it to yourself for a while? experiment to see if it works and most importantly release it only when I am ready because how know hoe ideas get pinched… Also when it is out, it is out there ready for people to make their own version of it and that moment will be there soon enough…


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