Unlocking potential

In the last few years, I have done more growing up than I did in my childhood. I have discovered more things, I have experienced more, I have learnt about myself too. Maybe I am taking more chances. I guess the first was leaving my country for the one that felt like home, having grown up in the “wrong place”. I had this feeling of inadequacy somehow that I could not shift. Never quite at the right place or having the right skills. Never quite satisfying anyone fully including myself.

Until now, I had a few ideas about education and things I wanted to pass on to my little one. But something hit me tonight. It went deeper than that. I want to give her something that you can’t buy or pick with your hands, the gift of learning whilst being nurtured and being herself. Too many places fit you in a box with a label on it. Some work by formulae or joining the dots. One thing I have become quite cynical about is the use (or should I say Abuse of) NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). I guess expressions like “thinking outside of box” for example has almost lost any meaning because I have heard it too many times and it has because the norm. Quite a contradiction. Maybe I did too much networking and everyone followed the same tips!

Anyway I digress. I came across the “ The Playful Learning Guide to Raising Lifelong Learners”. In a nutshell it speak about creativity as an essential tool more than intellect.  (this link will takes you to the ebook http://info.playfullearning.net/ebook-childrens-learning-guide if you want to know more)

So it talk about essentials skills which are:

  • creativity
  • curiosity
  • discernment
  • open-mindedness
  • perspective taking
  • persistence
  • understanding
  • and finally intuition

Now it is not very often these days that I read 26 pages (less if you discount the large pictures within) in no time, devouring it and thinking where was this when I was a child? Don’t get me wrong, my parents did a great job but I feel that I would have achieved much more if the creative side of me had been nurtured. My mind as I read through the eBook started applying the simple examples given and took them much further. This in itself means that I have found what I was looking for. (Does this make sense? Sometimes you can’t find an answer if you don’t know what question to ask in the first place). I wasn’t really looking for it but I knew there must be something out there that would feel right for us and for my little one so that we all grow from the process and enjoy it. She has been amazing me since we did the potty training and is now bursting with self-achievement and it only feels right that I try to find the best for her. This means unlocking her potential and mine at the same time. 


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