All hands on deck

You know how, when you plan for something for a long time, it seems so far away and before you know it, it is impending? See, this is exactly what is happening now. Our house (or should I call it our building site?) is about 5 or 6 weeks from completion… seeing this picture you would not say that, would you?


 Anyway last week I was given orders to sort out handles, given a schedule of work for the next week or so and you know you must be getting closer when the internal doors are coming and have to choose handles. But this is also the time our landlord has chosen to do an inspection this week. Arrrrrgh!!!! 

So this weekend, I was a bit stressed. I had a couple of hours going round a very limited amount of shops to look at handles and being told I could not have prices because I am now the trade account holder! Lovely! I also grabbed some varnish and my first ever decent set of brushes that promises to leave no bristles behind. We hope! I have found my old clothes to start the varnishing tonight, only 11 doors to do… I have sorted out the handles I think and also found a solution for teh shower enclosure. I was planning a straightforward glass panel but it is not big enough so I had to look at plan B.

I have been sorting out curtains too and am itching to place an order for wooden crates. This bit may be wishful thinking for now as we realistically don’t have the space to store 15 of them. Believe it or not but we have been told space is at a premium at the moment even if we have oodles of it. Well we will once we sort out boxes that we keep leaving untouched, sell some stuff on ebay and at car boot sales… and my mind is dreaming of picking colours to print the crates with!!! I know, I know I can’t help it! Only human! I have started pre-selecting colours for the bedrooms (accent walls) and the bathrooms. A lot would be easier before we move back in and without the lovely new carpets!

Things are now happening very fast and it is a very strange feeling. I have to start organising the move again, the last one for a while we hope.

Oh, almost forgot. We have a “passager clandestin” in the house, a house guest not paying rent… I was tidying up and found a cat hiding in a corner between boxes in the dining room and it won’t come out! I thought the bits of smoked salmon would tempt him (or her) but so far no luck. I have left the salmon out and the window open… next time I look it might have gone… or not…


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