Putting the love back in

Good news, the cat has gone. Strange how his presence freaked me out but I was not having a good day. Things have now returned to normal even if a bit more manic. Now when Adrian comes back from work, I leave him in charge of bath time and bedtime and I am straight out of the door. Cross the street and varnish the new doors for our house. It is quite repetitive to varnish one door after another. It is also becoming quite soothing, you know, that feeling you have when your mind wander as you go because a lot of it will take hours but not enough to engage your brain. It is nice to be involved in the process of the renovation. Until now, our builder has done everything, Ok, following our brief, but nonetheless doing the work. Now, we are starting to put the love back in!

Today, plasterers on stilts will start on the ceiling downstairs. it is a huge area and this should make a good picture. As soon as my little P. decided to put her toys down and sleep, I can go and check it out. Can’t wait…


There you are, this is our new shiny open-plan downstairs. Good eh? This feels so good. Light at the end of the tunnel… literally….



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