Taking the time to blow bubbles

For some people that know me very well, they will tell you that I am usually too busy to relax and I don’t mean crashing on the settee in the front of the TV. That does not count. I am not finding that easy to let go and breathe deeply. I just stack things in my mind until it overflows. Saying that, since we moved to Cornwall, I have started to take some time out.

We talked this week about growing our own flowers for the wedding since our florist put up her prices by more than 50%. The harsh weather this year made everything harder. We understand but this is such a hike that we have decided to go to plan B. Having an allotment and plant seeds… lovely idea but not sure it would be realistic or cost effective… Plan C, pick up wild flowers in the countryside! You may be familiar with picking wild berries for jam which, incidentally we do every year, so this is taking foraging a bit further.

So after a 3 year old birthday party this afternoon, Adrian went to pick flowers whilst I tried to get my little P. to sleep. Fat chance, far too excited!! So we blew bubbles instead as you do! A couple hours later, we had a bunch or anything ranging to wild garlic, cow parsley and many things I don’t even know the name of. Since last year, we have collected glass jars and bottles, even bought a few in antique shops. So whilst little one decided to have an hour long bath…. (no comment!), some flower arranging took place and for a first attempt, it looks good. We wanted low-key, rustic and informal and it works. We will do some more to get some practice and also to get an idea or which ones last (or not as it may happen) and also what is available in this season. We may add a few things like lilac. One thing I can say is that was fun, relaxing and we get to have flowers all around the house for the next few days… Simple pleasures all around and enjoying the fruits of mother nature…

 wild flowers 1

A few pictures to show you our arrangements (if you click on the picture it will open a larger one. not sure WordPress is making it so small but I am still learning so bear with me)


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