Not another month!

As we were approaching the end of the month, things got exciting. The under-floor heating has just been fitted and the concrete screed (thin layer of very wet concrete) was poured over it yesterday. Apart from the fact we can’t go there for a few days and that applies to our building team, it was all falling into place.

DSC_0159[1] DSC_0163[1]DSC_0164[1]  Pictures of our downstairs open-plan

That was until I asked the question if we could give our notice to our landlord for the end of June… silence… and then the response ” it will have to be the end of July I’m afraid. If it was only the two of us, we may just about camp back in but with a two and a half year old, it simply isn’t safe.

Of course, my brain gets that. Yep, that’s my heart that takes over and want to move boxes, set up the craft room and get back to normality. A few other things have been put on hold for when we move back but they can’t wait. The rent money would be better used for a few things that we need. He ho, never mind, what is 4 weeks in a lifetime?

Good job I have started planning for a few projects and the latest is re-upholstering my sofa, just because I can. It will stretch it life-span a little, entertain me and almost make me feel as it is a new one… Cushions covers are now done with final wooden leaf finishes added this afternoon and a trip to IKEA next week should give me what I need to start on the rest. Did I mention that I have never done one sofa cover before? Don’t worry, that never stopped me before and I tend to go for bold and big projects rather than baby steps. More fun than way… until I pull my hair out if I get it wrong. Nothing that can’t be fixed. Let the fun begin!


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