All so quiet

It is very early in the morning now little P wakes up at the crack of dawn but at least it is quiet. For the last two days we have had sewage work in our street. They work mainly in the evening and the night before last the compressor in front of our house worked until to restart at! They have also used a resin that smells like car coolant and it is still down in the lounge. OK, it is safe but very heady and persisting. They are supposed to finish the work today (Sunday), fill the trench now filing the front of our house so we can all park in the street!

What a weird week this has been. Adrian has gone to watch a cricket match with a friend. He does that once a year, goes away for the weekend and this time will come back with lots of goodies! He has been to IKEA “en route”. Not straightforward as not everything was available and he has to go to another one today. The closest to us is about 4 hours from here so only on long journeys. I am very excited. I have been planning this shopping list for the last few weeks. I was only sad not to join the trip as I love to go there but it wouldn’t all fit in the car with little P in the back too. So what is coming? Some bookcases, fabric to do curtains, curtains to reupholster the sofa, (I will explain the logic in that next time) storage solutions than can double up as storage somewhere else later. It is all about to find solutions and systems that work. Once we have that, we will be able to put away the essential and then, maybe I will be able to be ruthless and get rid of stuff that may make someone else very happy.

At least, just a few most hours, and I will have “toys” to play with!  I can’t wait… Patience is not my strong point… This should be keeping me busy for a while and give me plenty to do at the next craft evenings (about a year and a half ago, I started a craft evening with some other mums. We meet mainly at my house and have fun. Sometimes some evenings turn to some chatty evening but that’s part of the fun too). The thing is, for the foreseeable future, all evenings will be craft, painting and so on… I have finished staining the unit for the bathroom and I am thrilled with the results. Promise, I will posts plenty of pics in the next few days so you can all see what I am talking about. I have now so many things on the go. Some needs Adrian to be there so I can go to the other house, some are fitted during nap times and need drying time, some are waiting for the fabric but are all worked out and measured up. Did I ever say that I never work only on one project at any one time? They always seems to be feeding from each other once I get the momentum going and actually, this is an important part of my design process.

Workmen are back. Noise will follow… The street will be all repaired and working like new before we move back and that can’t be bad.


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