Blank frame

My days have suddenly grown longer. Everyone in the household is going through that process. At least it is easier in summertime. Can you imagine doing this in the middle of the winter? Terrible thought! I was up at the crack of dawn this morning (yet again), my brain working overtime to find solution and create hours out of thin air. All for what? so that we can have a blank frame to move into. Yes some painting could happen much later but with carpets and oak wood floor down, it would be trickier and take longer versus being actually there and not needing childcare.

So at the moment I go painting as soon as Adrian comes back every evening. Weekends will either be more work for him or more house stuff for both of us, in turn, so that someone is here to look after little P. I have asked my mother in law if she could come for a few days so I can grab more hours during the day… Awaiting a call back. Can I also convince my dad to come over to do a week worth of painting? See, if they were around the corner it would not be a big deal. But they either live away or abroad. All my friends have kiddies too so can’t ask there.

I know things will be OK. It will be fine… so I am off trying to see if I can come with any clever ideas and post this. More later.


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