Busy fingers

It seems ages since I last posted a blog. Don’t get me wrong. I have written many… in my head… whilst painting… they just did not make it to my keyboard!

So for the last few weeks, I have been painting, staining and varnishing almost everyday for a few hours. I am surprised I am not going to bed with a paintbrush in my head or dreaming of some! The house got delayed again but we now have a moving date, end of July. There is still so much to do though. So we are doing our bit, as much as we can and take it into turn to look after little P. so we can go and do stuff for a few hours. It is taking shape and you know you have turned a corner when you can put colours on the walls. It has been fun picking sampling pots and making decisions. Last time we had to pick a latte colour for some accent walls in our lounge, it took us most of 5 years to agree! Agree on 3 colours in the last 3 weeks is, take my word for it, an achievement. This also means that even though some rooms will be white, not all of them will be. Now and then, I get a glimpse of what we have piled up and I can’t wait to open the boxes, get reacquainted with our things. When you have things in storage for a long time (some have been packed for the best of 3 and a half years now), it makes you appreciated seeing them again. Memories of choosing them, sometimes from holidays abroad brings a lot of happiness.

Another thing that kept going round my mind is having time to think (what else can you do when you paint for hours on end?) made me appreciate how far we have come and people we love too. In the last few years, we and people we know have been through divorce, moves, cancer, redundancy, early (to the point of survival) births… The list could go on. Amazingly though, most of it has been overcome and it show how people are built to survive and cope. Coming through tough times to find an safe haven to rest and recharge the batteries. I guess this is what our house means to us. What is yours? Drop me a line and for teh ones reading this and going through a tough time, be strong and you are not alone!


Recent picture of our downstairs. A long way to go and yet, almost there


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