Chaos, no less

Something has to give and at the moment all areas of my life are chaotic. Not much I can do about it other than putting the hours in getting our house ready which I do every day. I have also started packing. We now have a moving date of the end of July. We know what happened? My brain went into hyper drive. I panicked not knowing how everything is going to happen in that time frame with just the two of us. Fortunately my mother in law came this week to relieve me from toddler duties. That gave me plenty of time to paint some more. I am glad to say that it is now starting to look better and I have even started on a couple of colours to create accent walls. That was so good for my tired soul!

My parents will be coming too which means that again the lifting of boxes will be shared and so will be childcare, cleaning the rented house before we give the keys back… you get the gist of it.

I know pictures are better than a thousand words. So… when my mother in law started clicking away to record how much mess we are coping with at the moment I thought this would be perfect to show you what we are dealing with!


The first are our rented home bursting at the seams, in packing progress and accommodating the odd DIY projects too.


The following is our house 4 weeks away from moving. So much to do still and the very strong temptation to take stuff over there. But floors are not down yet and there is going to be even more dust in the next few days so more cleaning than keeping stuff here, even though it drives me crazy! Not long, 4 weeks, not long………


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