5 coats? but it’s summer out there!

Well, actually I am talking about coats of paint. You can breathe now! Saying that, when the carpenter told me I needed 5 coats in total (1 of primer, 2 of undercoat and 2 of gloss) on all skirting boards, window seats and architraves (door surrounds) for a nice finish. In my head, panic and stress as I am desperately trying to work out how I am going to fit that in when there are still many walls to paint or repaint as things get done and they get scuffed or marked. I only get evenings so it is tricky to fit it all in and that is when Adrian does not want that time to do his bit so then I stay at home with little P.

The kitchen has arrived and the worktop is now on. Gas hob. hood and sink to be fitted yet. After days of surfing the net and going to shop to find a sink unit for the main bathroom (after the one I stained was deemed to be too high), we ended up finding a company in Dorset doing us a bespoke unit at a reasonable price from rustic oak beams. It looks great, is unique and will make the room. I was quite nervous ordering it online but I have done a few orders online recently and the customer service and the products were brilliant and what I wanted. I am getting converted to buying online! Usually I get fed up with not finding what I want for the price I can pay and finding the selection out there is poor so I am very happy! Next I have to let know that company! Good feedback should not stay untold as it lift spirits and also tells these companies that they are doing things well. I guess they are improving my confidence too on many levels.

Each box I open now makes me want to start unpacking more! I can’t though as the dust is everywhere and floors are not finished anywhere. The wood is get used to the house downstairs and I reckon I will be cleaning up dust for weeks after we move. Less than 3 weeks now and I can’t wait. My parents are arriving next Tuesday for 10 days. It will be nice to see them and get help too.

Almost forgot. As if my life was never complicated enough, I have had to book an appointment with the French Embassy to renew my passport. Yep, very different system when they sent it through the post to you! I have to be on the train for 11 hours to get it. I will save you the frustration with them in the past and recently so I don’t look forward to it. But, I don’t have the choice so I am trying to think about what I can do to make the day pleasurable. Taking my camera? Visit something there or meeting a friend for lunch there? I always get nervous about things like that. That means lack of sleep before (don’t ask!) and making the most of the day when I get there. Actually London is lovely so who knows. I might have a great time even though I will only have about 4 hours to spare there.Image

Soon I will also loose internet for 10 days… Last time we moved, this is how long it took for them to reconnect broadband. We can expect that again! I am doing a lot of things online and there is no amount of ranting or pleading to change this. Amazing to think that at a time when technology is everywhere they stop providing this service for such a long time and think it is normal. A friend of mine moved back to Canada a couple of years ago and got hers straight away… Maybe we should send staff here to train in Canada. Maybe they have a secret recipe to keep customers happy…?? Better make the most of it whilst it is still there…Image


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