Home sweet home

So we have finally moved in. Internet use came back eventually  and I can now reconnect with my life!

So what happened?

Well it has been very stressful, no way round that. No surprise they say it is on the top 3 things that will stress you out in your life.

The main thing was that the house (where we are now) was to be ready for the 31st of July (Wednesday). With a last push on the last few days and heaving with people, it was going to be tight but it was ok. We had negotiated a couple of day  after that to clean the house before giving back the keys. The thing is that the landlord changed her mind and took that away, after we had it in writing fro the letting agency. Don’t get me started on that. I am still angry about it. So we had to bring teh move forward by 2 days. No big deal you will say?! Actually it was a big deal. On Monday morning the carpet fitters turned up to fit the carpets on the first floor (meaning we could not take anything upstairs) and when confronted with the amount of people in the house said they would come back when the house was empty! I told them they would have to work with the given situation, the team of 5 plumbers was send away for the day and we just made piles downstairs. My  parents came to help as well as my twelve year old niece and we would have not managed without them. They were stars!

I don’t really want to run you over the details. Needless to say it is still a bit raw. I also want to concentrate on the now. The now being getting settled. Hum… not quite straight forward here either. Never that simple. Normally one week in we would have made our home quite welcoming and organised quite a lot. Fat chance! This time it is simply not happening.

A few days have come and gone since I started writing this post. Interruptions, minor dramas, my little princess being poorly… All added to our stress and high levels of tiredness. I will write some of the truths about doing a renovation but for now I am happy breathing deeply, standing back if only for a few minutes and enjoy our new home. No matter how much is still left to do, It looks stunning and is going to be a great place to live. So for now I will post this and hopefully add a picture update soon.


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