39. A bit of music for my soul

The house is looking a bit like a home even though it is only quite superficial. However, simple things like listening to my favourite music CDs is something I haven’t had the chance to do for a while. You won’t know this about me but I love music. i always have some and recently I have had to bear the radio playlists (The amount of repetition is terrible) and the adverts (some are obscenely close to brainwashing and very annoying). I admit, it was better than nothing but time has come to have some peace back in my mind. First one I opened is Alison Krauss “Forget about it” album. Beautifully gentle for the soul… See, even when I do artwork or simple house things I find that music really lift my mood. So tomorrow on my trip to London for the day, I will use my MP3 for a bit more of that!  I can’t wait to fit our new CD and DVD towers so everything is for the first time in our life organised and easy to find. Then opening each box will be like seeing a long lost friend! Aren’t the simplest pleasures the best?!




If you haven’t come across this artist before, here is the link to one track on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lOAFM0HS7k enjoy!


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