Free flow… or not

Dark nights are closing in and already I can feel that this summer is trying to escape. I almost feel that we did miss most of it, being so busy and pulled in so many directions but that’s ok because we needed to sort out our home. And gosh, it feels like home. I really love the lights on the textured wall inside and the brilliant white garden wall which I have just finished.


After so many delays it feels that everything is now slower (a bit more content now we have started enjoying it? I wonder) and my body is recovering. How, Well I am for one sleeping more and somehow my body takes that as an encouragement to wanting even more sleep. I could almost hibernate! The other part of me that is healing is my ankle. After 3 operations and feeling sore and stiff, the physiotherapy visits and workouts are starting to make a difference and it make things that little bit easier.

So, am I in free flow yet? not quite. I am being stalked… by my two and a half year old, who is literally bouncing with limitless energy. She has started skipping many naps, preventing me to do anything without numerous interruptions. Think the simplest and quickest task and still it won’t get done without, “help”, “pipi” and the cutest one of all “cuddle me”. You can talk to any mum and they will tell you that naps are a window of opportunity, peace and quiet and time to do whatever is on the list. hum… my list or rather the one I should write since I have discovered that having one made me procrastinating more, is getting longer.

On the plus side, I have just finished staining a piece of MDF in a rich teak colour to create a work space in my soon-to-be craft space upstairs. The unit below, bright white are now sagely waiting in place for the inauguration. Nothing fancy just starting with small bits and see where it takes me… after we move another 20 odd boxes out of the way again! 


So soon I should be able to add more pictures to my blog and let you guys seeing what I mean rather than leaving it to your imagination (not that there is anything wrong with that). I am hoping to be able to write more on my blog too as things develop. Almost feels like a New year’s new resolutions list! Well cheers to the beginning of a new chapter. :-}


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