He said I love you a lot

This week end, for the first time since last Christmas, we managed to go away for the weekend. We could not remember for how long we stayed here, for one reason or another but mainly because of all the work to the house, shopping for it and making decisions.

So I spent some time with my mother in law and she shared a very special moment. A while ago, when I described to her what I wanted to do as a creative business, we started a conversation about her late husband and some of the note and words he wrote to her. I was trying to see if I could build a frame from a very personal story and add a personal angle. I wrote down notes and was getting very excited then because some of the stories she told were just so good.

She took a quite thin pack of notes and letters and went through them. She made me laugh with a make believe marriage so that they could get a series of dance lessons a reduced price for married couples! If you found the letters, it does not say at the bottom in an invisible footnote the back story. All the details that made the story so vivid and still so true to her. In Fact I was lucky enough to meet him a few years ago and he was lovely. He was very good with words in a very understated way. Do you know what still stays with me now? The fact that he said “I love you a lot”. Even now she is so happy remembering as if it was yesterday and she gave me enough inspiration for at least a few frames. So watch out this space as I will be working on these soon.

In the meantime, maybe it is worth wondering when the last time I said “I love you” and if I say it enough. Does anyone every say it enough? Look back at some of the best moments in your life and whether they were life changing or simply something simple that made your heart glow… What if you made new memories start now?


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