Not realising my dreams is not an option

It is funny how when one chapter ends, another starts. Actually, this is very typical of the world we live in. we are bombarded by information, pictures, unsolicited marketing, multiple social platforms to only name a few. How do we ever manage to stop and, like they say, smell the roses? I am one of these people that find it hard to switch off at the best of times. It is not new but when my brain wakes me up in the middle of the night and refuses to switch off, then I have to make a stand.

See in the past, I have experienced trying to turn and turn again, trying to catch some elusive sleep. Drinking milk is always helping (nice memories of drinking extra fresh milk on the farm?). Then I have spent many wee hours catching up with work in the middle of the night until yawning got the best of me and my brain capitulated. That was a few years ago.

Now that we are in the house, I want to concentrate on making it a home and despite having to deal with the end of the renovation, I have to put in practice all that thinking about the business. I have ideas in my head that are only concepts. I have no images per se to put on a website. I have a potential domain name, sorted out where to get the site from and a list of words to describe my words but this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is still so much to do. Last night I woke up at 4am, unable to switch off and talking to the friend who is doing the business course with me, she has started to go through the same thing so that she is having an early night and I am writing this instead of working together for the evening. We have to find a way of making sure we get our sleep. It is bad enough to have very limited amounts of time to even consider tacking our respective projects. So what is going to happen if we lose sleep over it from the planning stage? So any tips out there for dealing with an overactive brain are welcome. Please add your comments. even the most funny way to relax is welcome :)

The main point here is that not making my dream of finally working in the creative industries whilst making an income is not an option. Yes, I could go back to an admin job (and I am not saying I won’t have to part-time) but I have many years of work in front of me and I want to enjoy it. I am good at the other stuff too but my heart is not in it. I think this is something quite common for creative people. We can do other things but very often we have to squash our creativity and just work within very restrictive lines, fitting neatly in what I call a box with a label on. Might have to find a better name for it but for now it will have to do.

So, I hope I will get a few tips to help us out with our over active and creative brains and I am off to research techniques that will help. Wish me luck…


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