House warming party with a relaxed feel

For the last few days, I have been busy tidying up, cleaning and sorting to make the house more presentable. Being surrounded by boxes, tools and builders is somewhat a challenge but we are getting there. Now it is time to enjoy it and celebrate.

So when a friend of mine, Sue,  asked me if I wanted to host a party for a spa products, I thought “wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate with a bit of pampering?”. She was nervous because she only started doing this recently and she is juggling motherhood like me ( except that she has to deal with 2 rather than 1) but she has taken steps to change her life, working around her family. I had never done this kind of thing before so it was a new experience.

So a few drinks later and  a special mention for a “spritz” to start with (cocktail from Venice made of Proseco and Aperol, similar to Campari but not so bitter), a cake with fresh raspberries and all the smells of the naturals elements within the creams and potions, we all fell laughing and relaxing.

 temple spa with Sue 

Click on the picture and it will open a larger version. Caption: (I would not be a very good friend if I did not add her link here because she has been fab so have a look at her site if you feel like treating yourself so here goes ).

One of the most funny moments was when we used one of the mask on problem areas. We ended up looking like clowns with dark creams all in different places and looking quite silly. Everyone thought it was so funny that they didn’t mind me sharing these on this post. I, for one, feel very relaxed and wish I could do this more often! Silliness apart, the products made use feel one million dollars and who would not want that?! I tell you what, the day has come and gone and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and everyone else too.

Last night, I thought about some clay experiments I did a few weeks back and giving one to each person coming. Imprints of roses, butterflies, words and natural textures… a bit of natural pigments and… voila! “Home is where the heart is” felt the ideal fit for this afternoon and celebrating our new home and make each person welcome. Here is a picture taken before I gave them away.


Why is this significant I hear you asking? In the past, I have been a conceptual designer. Great stuff but after I did all the marketing, sales, leading the company.. I hardly ever had time to design and even less to experiment. This time, I want to touch textures, play and experiment, in brief allowing myself to be creative. I have done too much thinking and not enough doing. So I am now “en route” to take action. In the near future I will start putting elements of that creativity for all to see.

I realise as I am reading this post that it is a bit unstructured but it is OK. I am relaxed, happy, inspired and feeling that nice things are about to happen…

Disclaimer: Ads may appear below, just something that happened tonight without my consent and that can be removed at a cost! Not so happy about that. When I thought this platform was doing so well… In any case, it is not something I have chosen to do, just thought I would mention it…


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