Gender divide

Tonight we watched Grand Designs. we are fans. In fact we have been since the very start about 10 years ago. Seeing people building their dream home from scratch, seeing the whole thing going through hurdles and coming out the other end… It made us dream before we did ours. Now we compare notes!

The reason why I am mentioning this is because it made me think about tonight couple’s approach to design. They could not have been more opposite. Take him: commercial architect that gets excited about building warehouses and think about them as Lego kits. Take her: she wants a home with a soul, a homely feeling, style but working for her family. At the end, he was most excited about the boiler room! Now that is a first and one I can’t quite understand. Did I misjudge architects as a whole? I wonder. The rest of the house was such a success that I was flabbergasted by his comment but each to their own.

I wondered about this split about approaching design from such different angles. Men wanting a framework, structure and solutions. Women needing emotions, style and function to make sure it is pleasant to use and also nice. Now don’t get me wrong, I think both work well together and should all be considered when planning a project. But what about smaller things? What if you need to think about men and women as customers and having to see it from their angle?

See, when I think about my new framing business, I visualise contents, stories and emotion. Actually, most of my clients will probably be female. Saying that, I would like to think that I can be inclusive and make a niche for men that want to offer a special, thoughtful and romantic gift for example. I guess the purpose of writing this tonight is to make a note to myself: Write some contents from different angles so that I cover all bases. I don’t want to spread myself to thin but narrowing myself to female customers only does not sit right. Ok, so men out there, please help me out here. what are you looking for when you buy a gift for a loved one? What is your thinking process? Let me know.


3 thoughts on “Gender divide

  1. Hi Gaelle,
    Have had a chat with M and ‘ease’ is the top of his list when buying gifts. He would google key words or phrases ie. wife birthday gift ideas and go from there. He’s not sure if the website name would have any bearing on whether he chose to look on it or not but did say that something would need to catch his eye in the google list. Again, the website would need to be easy to navigate. He has also said that as a bloke, he needs to be told what he wants! Hope this helps. Helen

  2. Hi Gaelle,
    Nice to meet you at last week’s Outset, here are my shopping habits;
    When I’m buying a present I usually have an idea around a theme or at the very least a present category (funny, romantic, inspirational, serious, cheap!) and then may either do a quick google search to give me further inspiration or take a trip down to the local high street and have a wander round trying to find objects that link to my theme/idea.
    Sometimes I will have an idea for a very specific item and then (usually due to leaving it to the last minute) cannot find exactly what I am looking for and maybe have to water my idea down depending on the limitations of delivery time (internet) and contents of shops that restrict me.
    Hope this helps in some way,

  3. Thank you, Helen and Ben. This is so interesting and indeed surprising at times and I appreciate you taking the time to share. But this is the whole point of asking the question. I have had more feedback via Facebook so I will digest that and do another installment so that other people can follow the debate. In the meantime It has given me a few pointers and this will help in presenting my work taking this into account. Gaelle

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