Heart centered

It has been a while since my last post. I have been busy and even though I keep reading that I should post more to drive traffic to my blog… I prefer to post when I have something to say, plain and simple. See, between my business course, my research on how to do things mainly online, I am coming across a lot of contents. There is some good stuff out there. Very good advice. And not so very good…

Experience has made me quite cynical I’m afraid. I now spot sales techniques a mile off and “do it by number” formulas that have sucked out the fun of doing most things. I have to be honest, I have followed some of these in the past and could, almost, believe at times that they were justified. Now though, I see things differently and am trying to stay true to myself. Why would I want to be someone else? It is a little bit like dating. Do you remember the early stage when you try so hard and are on your best behaviour? Hum, guess what, you can’t keep that going forever and someday the act falls and reality is catching up. Is your partner so keen then or are you when you see the real person behind the mask? Why would communicating via a blog or a website be any different? A few years ago, marketing very much placed the accent on what was expected and done. Fortunately things have moved on. There is now space to be true to ourselves and meaningful. Without trying to re-invent the wheel, there is a need from everyone to feel with their heart, getting to know people as they are, with their strong points and weaknesses because that’s what make them who they really are.

medium_6190127338 (1)

(More information on this picture at http://www.flickr.com/photos/coco_7/6190127338/)

So what does all this mean? I am going back to the core of who I am and love to do. I am learning to use different words that resonate inside. I am considering platforms online like Etsy that promote individual creative people and embrace their “querkyness”. I am also letting myself be inspired so that I avoid the overwhelming feeling of being overloaded. Doing it on your own can hard work and some days far from the easy ride some people imagine. I wanted do work in collaboration with other artists and this is happening. There is so much to gain from working together, challenging ideas and supporting each other.

As the hours are drawing closer to my next course, I still have a bit of time to read more about “Getting to the core of your business” by mark Silver which you can find here http://www.heartofbusiness.com which inspired me this post. Some of it is way out there but I reckon I can find the gems in it that will make a difference to me. 

… but before I leave, let me ask you, what works for you? Where do you get inspired and how much of yourself do you put in what your learn? Let me know, I am interested. Drop me a line.


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