Why we do things…




A few months back, when I started this blog, I wanted to share the journey of setting up a new business, as a busy mum and going through some big challenges like a full house renovation (yep, pretty big when you almost rebuild it all). It is sometimes a bit weird to wear your heart on a sleeve and share what is on your mind. But I guess that it is amazing sometimes how cleansing and healing it can also be. 


This is a new chapter in my blog now the house is now ticking along. There will be lots of D.I.Y. to do and crafts projects that I will share as I go along. However, I can’t indulge in just that knowing that my career has been on stop for so long. The prospect of going back to do a job that I don’t enjoy (doing it and being good at it does not always mean that your heart is in it) is honestly freaking me out. 


If you have been reading this for a while, you will know about my business course. If you are new to this blog, I have enrolled on 2 lots of 8 weeks business introduction and start up local to me. I have been on that type of course before so I know a lot of the contents. Saying that, I am in a different place and my needs are different, my life has changed a lot too so I have a different angle. Tonight was a great session. One of the mentors I have met before, just somehow in very simple questions, made me rethink why I am on that journey and what I want to achieve. 


I am creative and as such, I want to do what I love for many years to come. A little while ago. I had a chat with someone and I was aghast to hear that because I love that I do, It was a labour of love. Yes I do love what I do but I would not value myself and my work very much if I never expected anything back from it. Anyway this is a debate for another day… 


Developing design ranges and using a whole set of skills is very exciting. I want to share knowledge as I grow on this journey so I will be sharing bits and bobs as I go along. What I think is a full life is with and around people so there is no surprise that my designs will be inspired by people’s stories and emotions as well as mine. Ideally, I would like to collaborate with other people. I am not sure exactly who or what type of people yet so I am putting it out there, if nothing else, as a reminder to myself.


My brain is fizzy tonight. This was all in a birthday’s work! I have to say that there is nothing like being excited again.  What about you? When was the last time you questioned your journey? When was the last time you checked that you were on track towards what makes you happy? Believe in your dreams because without them, we would be very empty inside.



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