Itchy to share

This weekend and most of this week, we have friends visiting. So, a few days back, I really thought this would be a write off as far as planning and doing my creative business was concerned. How could I do anything with even less time to do anything?

Well, this was before I came across some links tonight that I really want to share. Actually for the first time it feels stronger than that. I know how many creative people struggle in juggling tasks and life with family, you name it, then throw it in there! So I hope you will like some of these and if you get one tip that makes a difference to you, it was worth sharing.

So here goes:

Sign up for her free “Yes You Can! Top Ten Ways to Grow a Successful Business without Compromising Your Family”. It is special when you start reading and it does resonate with you and you are finding something that fits you rather than the contrary.

“marketing for mums who make” free ebook. very short but packed with tips to really make the most of the little time you have and enjoy making beautiful things

Ok, now this is an odd one but bear with me. Check out their free planners. They are designed on the basis that creative people approach their work differently and as a result need something that works with them.

That’s it. I hope you will find some goodness in this. Feel free to share these links. Some of these links are fab and could help lots of people. You may even want what these people have to sell but that has nothing to do with me.

Just do me a favour though. Let me know which one has inspired you. Mine? the productivity heatmap from,  It made me think about the time I have and how it works for me as in levels of energy. Interesting. No doubt as I read more I will find more… What is yours?


2 thoughts on “Itchy to share

  1. They are fab,aren’t they! Did the handmade horizons worksheets months ago and the Productive Flourishing task sheets are ace too. Like you say, even if you get one little gem from these, it will help.

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