White is a colour

I used to think that white was a lack of colour. My partner loves a white house and we had these long conversations or short conversations over a long period of time, whichever! Mind you, I loved white space in design and especially graphic design.

So what has changed? Well, renovating a space is like a new birth, letting a space breathe and receive light in. It is fresh and airy. It is new and  unspoiled. It is waiting for you to put your touch on it… but wait… let it speak to you and tell you what it needs. I firmly believe and always have that you need to be in a space for a while sometimes before you can truly know what to do with it. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not scared of white or very pale colours in my house anymore because I have replaced that with shades, shadows, textures, wood, aged objects… Colours will come back but gently, because at the moment I am dreaming of a gentle world…

Of course, I have now started putting inspirational pictures in my craft room and it is colourful but essentially it is still white and full of boxes. A friend has gone to IKEA for me (we used to be 5minutes walk from one but we are now 4 hours driving) and got me some textured woven cream baskets. They look fab and together with other wicker ones and bits and pieces, I am starting to see patterns to organise the room. I have made picture ledges to display frames and artwork in progress so we will have a go at putting them up together with some shelves at the weekend. These jobs are never that simple…

I know I should include a picture and I will try to add one at the weekend if I can. But just in case I would not, close your eyes and let your imagination do the work, let it float and take you away and make your own picture. Bye for now…


One thought on “White is a colour

  1. I Love your inspirational pictures! I am making my own! I think you should include a picture of them for everyone to see!
    You need to drive faster! Ikea in Bristol is only 3 hours surely! :) or does that mean I drive too fast?

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