The first of many: My world is…

A while ago whilst planning the collection for my launch, I had an idea for my friend’s birthday. All I knew is that I wanted to do something handmade for her and play around with new techniques at the same time.

So first I went to my local florist and picked some roses. The selection was very narrow but peeling back the petals they turned out to be beautiful and having wonderful colours in them. I did spread the petals on a mounting board and started shooting. I think it is fair to say that despite having an idea in mind, I like the magic of trying things out and one of the pictures will happen as per magic and make my idea of it even better than it was in my mind. I was not disappointed. It turned out better than I planned.

My world is photoshot collage

Then I thought about my friend and how she is all about emotion and passion. She is creative and I wanted to celebrate that. May I say that I have not done something handmade for a long time apart for my partner and my daughter so I was a bit nervous.

I worked with different fonts and ended up printing on muslin. It’s light texture made the photograph almost vintage and added a very soft feel to it. Well, that also said a lot about my friend too!

So a few hours later, a few occasions where she almost saw it and some home wrapping later, I finally got to give it to her. I loved her face when she opened it.

See, for me, this is why I am doing what I do now. If I can help spreading a bit of joy and help celebrate someone special, then it is a real pleasure and one worth sharing.

My world is frame © Gaelle by the sea

My world is … frame © Gaelle by the sea

So now I am launching my shop in Etsy I will start sharing what I have been working on for a few weeks. Enjoy. Ask questions. Give me some feedback.

PS: the link to Etsy is now live at


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