The sparkle of Xmas

I love Xmas and despite wanting to do things homemade in the past, I have to admit that I rarely had the time to make it happen. Somehow, it was very easy to be swept away by the shopping frenzy, the busyness of it all. This year though, the pull of simple things and what is in my heart is much stronger. One big thing is our new house. It is a great blank canvas I can play with at heart content. Then there are the craft evenings I started with friends over a year ago.

Today for example I went with a friend to a place called the Scrapstore. In exchange of a membership fee, you can access what some companies donate and sometimes there are little treasures. sometimes you need to have a lot of vision to see what you could do with it. Nonetheless, it is about re-using materials and giving them a second life. It is also about taking objects out of context and see what you can do with it.

So my next stage is to select a few things I really want to do and stick to it. Yep, I have a tendency of too much enthusiasm and that means starting too many things.

First I want to share with you my first attempt of a “bokeh” (sparkle) effect on a photograph for my Xmas wishes. I got some stunning little fairy lights last week which I wrapped around the ladder I renovated during the summer. Took a picture and voila. I love it. Honestly, it is so much fun so if you want to learn how to do it if you have Photoshop follow this link,

Have a very lovely Xmas from Gaelle by the sea

Have a very lovely Xmas from Gaelle by the sea

Next take one version of this image and print it to make my own Xmas cards.

Finish an reference illustration book for my little one. I have gathered illustrations, printed, laminated and assembled together a great book, the kind that inspires many stories to come and maybe some of the memories of her childhood. I can’t wait to finish it and see her little face. It will have a soft caterpillar toy, very colourful!

Oh and the yummy bit. Just a few days before Xmas I will host a chocolate cooking and tasting session. The idea is to all bring one recipe based on chocolate, bring a sample done before, cook at least one or two on the day  and everyone leaves with a batch of new recipes and a selection of goodies! Oh ad mulled wine! The smell of this is so amazing. The taste too. But above all it is the sharing of it all with the people I love.

So I guess I ‘d better be off to post this and tackle some of what I have just said. What are you planning for Xmas? Share your ideas. Lots of love, x Gaelle



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