A year filled with hope

A new shinny year has started and after last year, I can only hope for a smoother and more restful ride for everyone this year. It was so nice to have family time that everything else took a back seat. What do you expect with the bad weather that has been battering our country recently (or should I say the word as it comes to it?) and long dark nights. I met quite a lot of people that lost their motivation in December. the funny thing is that they all have, including myself, found their mojo again! It was our way to recharge the batteries and come back stronger.

Just before New Year, we went in the woods for a theatre show called “winter wood” by the Rogue Theatre. It was a lovely experience, meeting fairies and the winter man, leaving wishes on the trees of love and others. The wood kept surprising us. In fact, The actors were tremendous and carried with them a lot of magic and love. It felt very special and out of time. We left wishing the world well. So much positive energy…


The rogue Theatre

So now I am starting to fill my days differently. My little P has started part time pre-school every morning this week. We were both ready for it!! This means that I have the luxury of 15 hours to myself to create and promote what I do. I can’t tell you how long I have wanted that. the thing is, I feel guilty at the same time but it is a well known fact that being a mum does weird things to you and a bit of guilt is part of it. So, there is nothing I can do about that. Or is there? Well, I can for one, make sure that I really enjoy what I do and pass that back to her when I pick her up at lunchtime. She is very keen on playing with my tools, picking pins from my sewing to help etc… so it won’t be long before I can share projects with her!

So before I start posting about design, creation and so on, I will finish this post by wishing you a very happy and fulfilling year to all and I look forward to hear about some of the projects you are going to tackle. Bye for now.


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