Asking her to marry you with emotion

You have been thinking about it for some time. You can’t imagine being with anyone else and the next natural step seems to ask her the big question.

You have probably, (most likely?) seen or heard about proposals that simply put the pressure on.

As I researched the Net about this post,  these are two cute proposals I came across:  and You may think “Gosh that was good” (or voice in your head says “is that what I have to do?” or “can I ever match that?” or the very public proposal that sends chills down your spine (voice in your head now gets louder “no way I’m going through that”).

Oh the weight of expectations…

Stop! Rewind and take a deep breath. Proposing is about you and her, right? Let the world disappear and think about what makes you “being together”.

Proposing is making all these moments together, the breakfasts in bed, the long walks on the beach, whatever makes you want to have that forever…and letting her know. It is asking her with your heart. And yes, she will laugh and comment about other proposals but in the end, the one that matters is the one from you.

So what do you say or do when your heart is racing at the idea?

– Keep it simple. Less is more.

– make it personal. It will show you care and she will remember that forever.

– Think back about the very best of you together and chances are, you will be spot on.

– Be yourself. You are the one she loves, just as you are. Don’t try to be someone else.

– Get help. Ask someone to deliver flowers unexpectedly  or commission something unique she can keep and cherish. It is not about the money. Remember the saying “it is the thought that counts”? It has never been more true.

I hope this will help you towards calming your nerves and enjoying this precious moment. I wish you the very best journey together.

marry me DSCF0742 edited

© 2014 Gaelle by the sea. click here for some more inspiration

Everyone has butterflies in their stomach, the trick is to get them to fly in formation.


2 thoughts on “Asking her to marry you with emotion

  1. there’s nothing more romantic than a proposal–your suggestions are spot on and i love the concept for this post, i think people really want guidance about the best way to propose!

  2. I guess this is not the kind of thing they teach you at school… or ever. All people need is a bit of guidance, self belief and above anything else stay true to themselves. I read about your wedding and the story was beautiful. I can’t remember the proposal though. What was it like?

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