Time out … to recharge about what matters

Not everyday feels like a great day and this is when I need to stand back. Act fast, recharge the batteries…

A blue day can lead to great ideas, fab music, searching for something new, looking at what is inside your heart, let words out (and in my case coming up with new ideas)…

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

A few days ago I cam across an idea for a blog and it was simply to write 5 unusual things about me. It took me a little while but here goes:

1. I moved countries to feel at home, not to be brave

2. I feel that having a child is a miracle and never take it for granted. Almost did not happen. My body created life. Nothing else I do will be bigger than this.

3. Everywhere I go I collect music like people collect shells or pebbles. It teaches me about the place, the people & I bring it home with me when I get home.

4. I believe in people. They inspire me.

5. Learning to love food has taught me to love my life. OK it is a long story but it was worth it

Somehow, writing this made me think about quite big things in my life and a lot of it makes my heart swells with happiness and proud moments. I feel better.

What are your 5 things? Come on, it is not that easy. Don’t just write what first come to your mind unless it is really you.


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