The feel of a community

I used to live in big towns where I never met anyone I knew. I could go for months, almost invisible.

So when I moved where we live now, it came as a shock when people started tapping on my shoulder saying hello because they knew me. I have to tell you that I am terrible at names and faces, unless I met with people for long enough so they imprint in my mind.

Anyway, moving somewhere new means starting from scratch, making new friends and taking on activities to meet people that enjoy the same things as you do. It doesn’t happen in one day, oh no! From experience, it takes about a couple of years before putting roots down, making new friends and feeling that your life is getting settled again. Having a child helps because it makes you go to activities for your child and meet other parents.

Recently, I joined a group of ladies called the “material girls” . They meet once a week at the library and share knowledge, projects, enjoyments and tips. Cakes and biscuits feature on the table at tea time and it is wonderfully informal. The one thing they did was to make me and anyone new so welcome. It almost felt like a big happy hug!

Then, a few weeks back I invited a lovely lady called Anne Brooks for a coffee. She runs a collaborative gallery of about 16 artists, give or take and my partner Adrian used to have his paintings there for a while, before our life got to busy with raising a family and re-building our house! It is different and we take it in turns to be there and meet the public. This is the first gallery I feel is truly a community. So a couple of coffees later and time to show her our work, she was very excited to have us back… well, actually I never my work there despite having helped a bit so we agreed to rent so wall space and have an exhibition. Side by side, very romantic in a way to have an exhibition by my partner even though when I said that to him he said “really?”. Men for you, eh?!


Adrian’s work on the right and might on the left

I have also volunteered to update the gallery website so I am for  now updating profiles and adding pictures. I am now learning new skills and I am hoping that one of the added benefits will enable me to set up a gallery portfolio on my blog as it is also a WordPress site. A friend of mine this morning said “I don’t know how you fit it all in!”. I don’t, most of the time. I snatch times like now when my little one is having a nap or I disappear in my new studio to see where my inspiration will take me. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. However, I feel less alone now I am part of these communities. I have more people to ask feedback to, bounce ideas at and show things to before I put them out there.

Here are a few pictures of the gallery as it was this morning. Let me know what you think and if you are close to Truro in Cornwall, come and see us there. Visit for the address and the opening times.

DSCF1398e DSCF1399e DSCF1403e DSCF1421e


Artists featured at the gallery at the moment are : Anne Richards – Janet Downes – Vivienne Fraser – Sue Currie – John Brooks – Sally Dingle – Alison Jones – Anne Lofthouse – Chris Holloway – Joe Armstrong – Anne Brooks – Gaelle by the sea – Adrian Penhallow – D M Wright – Coral Spencer – Nicola Bottono – Martin Manuell – Colin Timpson

What is your community like? drop me a line and tell me :)

With smiles as always

Gaelle by the sea


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