A world of peace…

Once a year we have what we call here the Open Studios. For a week, artists open their studios and workshops to let you share their story. I had never been before but I was pulled all week towards this week.

Working in complete harmony with nature and inspired by it, The work of Peter is stunning. Colour variations from the different woods and textures from polished to rough are sprinkled with care in lovingly tendered woods. You can tell because Peter and his wife have been there for 34 years and it shows. What I really like is how much more powerful artwork like this is when outside of a gallery. It is weathered and there is no one to tell you to be quiet. You are left to appreciate the sculptures at your own leisure. It was also very family friendly and our little explorer and cute fidget enjoyed it as much as we did!

You can view Peter’s work on his website www.peterboex.com but I would highly recommend that you pay him a visit if you are in these necks of the woods. (this is Helston in Cornwall, UK for anyone reading this from afar).

I love wood. It is so tactile and whether it is alive, raw, smooth, driftwood and showing the marks of time, it always bring me peace. And right now, peace is what I need. As things move around me, too fast, too far or sometimes in the wrong direction, I am trying to find moments of peace like today. (if you feel this is a bit obscure, read my previous post called “a letter to the universe” and it will take on a new meaning).

So, this is it for today, sharing my moment of peace with you…



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