Capturing an emotion

Emotions come and go like butterflies. But sometimes you want to capture them forever, especially if you want to celebrate a special event. So today, I am writing the story of Jo’s frame, complete with goats and how it came about.

A few months back, I took a couple of my frames with me to a baby group and showed them to a couple of people, one of them being Jo. She was overwhelmed by one of me which was one I did for Valentine and was the story of how Adrian and I met. Jo wanted one. But then doubts set in because she thought maybe this was more something she would like but was not so sure her husband would be as keen as her. I just told her that if the story was about them He probably would. So time passed and a few weeks ago< I got the go ahead to make one for her wedding anniversary which is, at the moment of writing this, tomorrow.

We had a coffee together one morning and chatted about how they met. Even though there were nice memories, none was standing out enough so I said to her maybe that is not where the story was. See, when I made my frame, it was with a person and an intention in mind. You cannot reproduce that. You have to listen to the clues. Then, Jo told me how she knew he was the man she wanted to marry and I thought “that’s it, we’ve got the story!”. In a couple of minutes, I had jotted down notes about them and picked on the visual of the gats. The day he proposed, they were in a field in Portugal surrounded by goats!

So I searched for goats! Oh and a bell! Jo said “wouldn’t it be great to add a bell?”

Easier said than done but I like a challenge. I found one coming with Tibet of all places last weekend at an fairy festival. Sometimes, when all normal places fail, you just have to look beyond! The layout changed to accommodate a goat big enough to wear the bell and I removed the glass. A I wrapped the frame in tissue paper, I could hear the tiny tinkling of the bell. Not discreet but lovely.

A wedding anniversary present bringing back how you know he is the one. Gaelle by the sea

A wedding anniversary present bringing back how you know he is the one.
Gaelle by the sea

I have delivered the frame this morning and I am glad to say Jo was over the moon. I can’t wait to hear from her husband. I met him this morning and he knows there is a surprise waiting for him. Part of the pleasure in all this is the build up. After that I am safe in the knowledge that each time Jo and Pritch glance at the frame, it will probably bring a smile on their face and most likely take them back straight there in that field… I love what I do and being able to capture an emotion, a moment in time and bring it to life, the best job in the world.

Do you have stories inside of you? I would love to hear about it and you never know, I could even help… 


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