The magic of an idea.

People don’t realise that everything starts with an idea, something an embryo of an idea and sometimes a well formed concept. And there is anything in between.

Good ideas, crazy ideas, ideas that will spur people into action like The Launch 2014. Who would believe that we started this with the idea of renting a village hall for 3 artists? Yes Abbi, your embryo of an idea became something big!

So as preparations take us nearer from the event, it is getting nerve wracking. I would imagine a few people are getting quite nervous as this will be their first business event. Showing your work takes guts, stock, branding and probably a few sleepless night before the event itself. I have exhibited before and the stress never goes away. You get better at it but I am sure I won’t sleep much the night before. It is the typical feeling of worrying  a lot before and then, just relaxing so you can enjoy doing what only you can do, talk about what you do and are passionate about. Actually, this applies to a lot of promotion. When I see people getting others to write their blurb, I can’t help myself thinking that their words are the ones will let their passion shine more than anyone else’s ever will. Saying that, there is nothing wrong with a helping hand. A tweak here and there is never a bad thing but believe in yourself.

It is lovely to see The Launch taking off. We saw companies joining us, dropping out and new ones taking their place. People are now meeting together and offering help to each other. This is only happening because one element at the core,  a personal touch. On Pinterest (, we are showing the person behind the business. Business to us is personal, it is service and creativity inspired by people. It is delivering products around people and their needs. It is listening to feedback and tweaking our products to neatly fit our clients.

Cornwall is always described as a holiday destination. It is much more than that. It is where small business means everything to this region because there are only a handful of being employers down here. Each new business is creating opportunities and wealth, collaboration and fresh ideas.

I know the coast inspires me in my designs. But one day soon, it will go over and far away where people seek designs with soul and emotion coming from the Cornish Land.  We need to show our talents way beyond where we live and develop. One of our businesses is looking at franchising!

My only regret? My collection of fabrics won’t be ready for the night. It is logistically not possible and it saddens me but I have decided that showing something before it is ready would not do it justice. So This is a hard decision and I hope it will be worth the wait.

So on this note have a look at the website and wish us all luck on the night. 2 weeks to go today!

The Launch 2014 logo

The Launch 2014 logo


2 thoughts on “The magic of an idea.

  1. It’s been delightful following your progress. I look forward to reading about iyour successful event. Entrepreneurism takes courage and determination, many people dream about it and then there are those of us who take the leap. That in itself is a victory. Congratulations to all of you!


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