Black tie and evening dress

For the second time in less than 4 weeks I am going to wear an evening dress! I like the sound of that. There used to me more occasions to dress up but now there are quite rare.

Why? Well that’s kind of what you do when you get nominated then shortlisted for an award (mine is a joint award with Abbi for the collaborators award). In fact, there are many nominations within the Launch and too many to list here. Following The Launch 2014 which we hosted in October, our event has been in the news, online and in print, on radio and the word keeps going. A new venue offered to host the next one because we have now started an event that will repeat itself. Some people are even trying to copy us because no one has done this before in this neck of the woods.

Abbi and I

Abbi and I

So how did the event go? Over 200 people came. Actually more than that but cars filled the car parks, lined the drive and the street up to it and there were the unlucky one that could not park. The buzz was lovely, wine was flowing and conversations were easy. We did not even get the chance to meet the guests we had invited. Each company (21 in total had a personal list) and there was a right mix of guests from political, including the local Maire, to businesses and supporters that have helped us along the way.

Only half of my display was shown on the night, simply because of my dad passing away, I did not get everything ready on time and I preferred to only show what I was completely happy with. There will be other occasions when the rest makes an appearance. Having said that, I created a butterfly frame with multi layers of recycled paper back lit that came down a storm. I chose a very neutral set of colours and again sometimes it is all you need.

In a way this event is still in each of us. we are having a de-brief next week and some of us will continue to collaborate. But collaboration can be in the details, the transport of the display screens by Tim, the profile pictures on the beach by Simone, the updating of the guest list from Porto Rico by Cecily… My confidence has grown and being shortlisted for an award is nice. A few years back I won 3 awards in one night including the most inspiration business person. I guess the first award stay in your heart forever but seeing the acknowledgment of the industry about getting 21 businesses together and promoting business in Cornwall is already an achievement. We did it and will do it again. We may not be on centre stage next time but may involved. But in the meantime we will all do what we do best , with passion.

PS: Results of the awards dinner on the 19th of November!


2 thoughts on “Black tie and evening dress

  1. That’s very exciting, Gaelle, good luck! I’m always proud to read of the successes of my gender, good for you. Being nominated is winning and you did it….keep us posted on the final results!

    • Hi Lynn
      Sorry it took me so long to reply to you. Things have been so hectic recently. No We did not get the award but we were picked out of over 370 businesses I believe so as they said on the night, It was a great achievement to be there. Yes it would have been nice to get it but this is life.
      I hope you carry on enjoying reading this blog. I am hoping as always to keep adding to it as well as ton the portfolio included on a different pages.
      Have a wonderful new year.

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