The magic of Xmas

Every year it is the same, I am like a kid again. I love this time of the year, the general atmosphere.

I can’t wait to drag the big box of decorations from under the bed, unwrap all these little treasure that I have collected for all these year and that also remind me of people or travels.

I always think about having a handmade Christmas and then… I never have the time. So this year, I have approached this in a complete different way. I have booked myself into a couple of local-ish xmas fairs and the first one was last night and today. Nancledra is a primary school in the middle of nowhere. lovely setting and with a nice feel to it. 30 or so crafters like myself were allocated spaces into 3 classroom and a hall. A curry and a barbecue were simmering outside ( I was on the other side to that window and I had to have what was on offer. It smelt too good!). I have done design fairs before but not craft fairs. What I do now is different and more in line with this so why not?

What I liked was how much more people were smiling, so much more readily. The feeling of Xmas was already there. The displays were sparkling and twinkling. The goods on offer excellent so that more little bags gathered on people’s arms as they walked along. It is hard to plan for an event like this because it is a matter of personal taste and the next fair may have different visitors liking different things. Having said that, comments about my work were very positive and shall I dare to say very enthusiastic. I am looking forward to a few commissions on the back of that.

I did not get the chance to take pictures of the whole thing as I was on my own but I have at least some of my display. For the people that have taken my details and will discover my blog for the first time it will set back the scene of an event they enjoyed visiting! Enjoy!

My display at the Nancledra School Xmas Fayre

My display at the Nancledra School Xmas Fayre

I am now back home tired but happy. Spreading the joy of Xmas is a privilege, seeing all generations come together and giving love to each other through small tokens sometimes, it is the thought that counts and that is the way it should be.

I know it is a bit early still but never mind… Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and Nadelik Lowen! (Cornish)


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