Getting out there

Getting our work out there takes time. A lot of planning, dithering, tweaking, pricing… You name it, it is part of the process. Sometimes it takes quite a few conversations with a retailer and then… nothing. Yep, big silence and the opportunity is good. Actually, maybe it is natural selection and it is best to know early. But when it does take off, it is exciting.

Earlier this month, some of my work started to be featured on the Cornish High Street online shop. Finally an address to source beautiful and Cornish inspired products. From artwork to jewellery, food and home accessories are now available even if you are not local to us or miss our region. My page looks stunning. See, for me, having my work out there is one thing. Having it on a website that looks so good is a moving and exciting time.

Then, this week a video was produced to celebrate products for Valentine. My work was in there too so here’s for a bit of sharing

So now I am planning a bit reveal of some lampshades soon and more frames. Life is good!


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