The next step is not always easy

A few years ago, when I had to get a website (and had a stash of money behind me), I talked to a friend of mine, Kate (graphic and website designer) and she designed a site I was very proud to own and honed for a few years.

Times have changed though and my friend has now changed career. Tools we have at our finger tips now that did not exist then. Some are beautiful, inspiring and at times like now truly frustrating.

Let me explain. About 4 weeks ago I went on a 2 days course to push me to the next phase of my business. Yes, you guessed it, my homework is to create a website instead of just having a blog. I have put this off for many reasons but the main one is because choosing a platform, a design, a hosting company… (the list is long), this will gobble up a lot of my time and I am already time poor as it is. I haven’t got that elusive stash of money to pay an expensive website so I looked at both Weebly and . First I have to say that if you have never used WordPress you have the .com and .org . my blog is on WordPress .com, works really well and if I am totally honest probably was a bit of a learning curve too at the time. has an even deeper learning curve. So far I have paid for a theme pro I really like, dealt with the designers based in India, battled with the lack of response and when it comes it is unsatisfying. Deciphering their documentation (read this step by step instructions) which is at best incomplete and at times inaccurate! No wonder I was up in the middle of the night last night trying to sort it out. So having finally managed to post a thread on their support forum (even that was not as easy as you would think!), I am now both receiving help from real people, and (shock) at real speed too with positive results. the site has improved but is a mish-mash of the sample site and my information. A real mess. The thing is that it is really hard to change things that are not there. Eh? What? Yes, this is a weird concept to get your head around. I can’t give the link to anyone yet. I can’t put in  place a coming soon page until I am ready to launch and I am considering other themes (designs), some free, some not so watch this space.

Next time you look at a nice website, don’t assume that putting one together that works is an easy job because it is not. I know it will be worth it in the end but in order of keeping my sanity I just had to share what is going on. I guess the frustration is to be so close to something I can see a beautiful window to my work so close and yet so far. Wish me luck! I think this could be a useful post for everyone so feel free to drop in and share your experiences and maybe solutions. Bye for now.


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